We Missed You At Art Spark & Gilt Club

I found it in my heart to forgive you for not being at Gilt Club on Thursday for Art Spark.
Though you were missed, I had a blast seeing some of my other friends for the first time of '09.
Art Spark is great because I get to catch up with friendly faces as well as network and meet new people in the arts community that care.  This month the presenter was Bonnie Laing-Malcolmson from Oregon College of Art & Craft. Bonnie was given the typical six minutes and sexy slide show to hold our attention. Wow, she ran with it. You would of liked hearing about the great plans to expand their facilities, future goals and program gossip. (Babs even did a shout out to the OCAC's financial aid director!) Bonnie made me feel guilty for not going to the Garth Clark Lecture as she mentioned it twice. She got a few good questions. The best being "are OCAC and PNCA going to merge?" Bonnie quickly smiled and said, "No. Well, not right now." She then explained both colleges have their specific art programs and missions and used the example, "Would Reed and Lewis & Clark combine?"
Some of the confusion with these two old colleges is that last October they announced a collaborative effort to create a joint MFA program in Applied Craft & Design.
It was confirmed that OCAC plans on being the first program in the northwest to have a degree program in glass! She also told me to tell you to please Purchase a Paver and you can write anything you want on it-as OCAC does not believe in censorship.
Thank you to The Gilt Club for hosting us- I will be back soon for their great happy hour.
So, will I see you at the next Art Spark?  Remember Third Thursdays of the month. xoxo, Brian

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  1. update :http://blog.oregonlive.com/visualarts/2009/02/the_oregon_college_of_art_craf.html#more


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