Ariella Update - Watchout!

Whether you are trying to look professional for work, hip for your friend's dinner party, or sexy for the chic event downtown, Ariella Jasmine Jewelry (appropriately named after the founder) has something for you. As Ariella's sidekick Jayme found (pictured above)(her old sidekick was BuzzBy Brian), you can easily have fun with any of her work. Most of the pieces are original to Ariella, who has been able to focus more on her blossoming jewelry career in the past few months. Ariella's other items, which range from bookmarks and lockets to earrings and necklaces, are mainly antique and vintage designs. As part of Ariella Jasmine's mission statement being that her jewelry is for the "everyday girl", anything Ariella makes for sale remains very modestly priced despite the high quality and unique look of the jewelry. Ariella, 26 and living in Manhattan, has been making jewelry for several years after picking up the trade while living in Maui, HI. She has had her jewelry showcased in stores all over the country including New York, Maui and Breckenridge, CO and throws home jewelry parties with other young artists and designers. Check out her jewelry!

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