Dive into First Thursday

I Challenge You to Catch These 8 Openings. These are my picks- and in the order I plan to go!
Mark Warren Jacques is rocking the FONTANELLE GALLERY with Big Beautiful Color! This engaging artist with be facilitating a peaceful protest and will encourage you to leave your worries behind. 205 SW Pine St, 6-9pm. Meet CJ Randall and welcome him to the Northwest. He sums art up with the words “Raw Emotion”.
Anka Gallery, 325 NW 6th, 6-9.30. 20 Years of Sarah Cosman at VIRTUOSO STUDIOS, She promises great deals on her Art, 323 NW 6th, 6-10pm. ON Gallery presents Nick Granger!!! It was a secret but I just blew it. The show is titled, "Dreams and Digressions". 321 NW 6th, 5.30-10. Bananas, Unicycles, and Thumbtacks to check out. Climb some stairs, give a high five and say howdy to Morgan Cole Pasinski.
412 NW Couch, Studio 402, 5.30-9. Pok Chi Lau and Byron Wolfe Blue Sky Gallery Compare for yourself The Legacy of Contemporary China versus A Yearlong Photo Diary, 122 NW 8th Ave. Go two doors down to find out: Is The Museum of Contemporary Craft still MCC? And Learn about Toshiko Takaezu’s long standing connection to Portland though Art. Have you seen the amazing Darrel Morris and Mandy Greer exhibitions yet?Go.
Then end your night in The Pearl to enjoy SCIENCE at caroleZoom Studio- this one will go from 5.30 to Who knows When – so it’s a must! East meets West in this multimedia performance event by artists Aaron Rogosin, Gabe Shaughnessy, Natalie Staggs & Jack Crocifisso. Please join the SCIENCE Expedition caroleZoom studio, 925 NW Lovejoy. I posted this on Neighborhood Notes

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