I know the location of The 9th Annual Red Dress Party!

Will it be a Red Dress Reunion this year? I was doing some undercover work tonight and found out some important details about this years RED DRESS PARTY. First, cancel or move the date of Julian's Bar Mitzvah ! Red Dress is definitely going to be May 2, 2009. The Location is old Corbery Press Building, now The BodyVox Space- NW 17th and Northrup. Last year Chelsea showed up(late) but together Portland raised more than $35,000 for Esther's Pantry, SHARE, and Outside In! Oh, SHARE is on the beneficiary list again and Our House of Portland. Buckle your seat belts because the theme will be REDEYE! So look for those flight stewardess dresses. Go to the next Fat Fancy sale or Buffalo Exchange, Redlight, Goodwill! We just bought our VIP Tickets – join us.

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