26 and over...

26 and over after 10pm on Friday and Saturday night gents- also you should be wearing a button up shirt and no tennis shoes, because it's the weekend and this place is exclusive! However, ladies 21 and up are allowed in and you can wear anything! Reatha and I are in a hot place in the Pearl, sipping a spiked milkshake. Oh there goes Marc & Floyd with Susan Jane Gilman, who wrote Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven, other great books like Kiss my Tiara and is in PDX from Geneva! Now Shawna is meeting us...the night has just begun! xoxo, Brian and Reatha P.S. This place, (okay, it is CANDY) has internet at most of the table and you can even look at adult sites- ick- I mean wow and yoozers!

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