Did you say Process Painting?

(Photo by Anna S. King, that is me in the grey-)
It is has been a while since I have painted but I am always working on a project or piece of art(often in my head). And as much as I am not an artist- I say all the time, "We are all Artists". I did some process painting in November at The Anka Gallery as part of the 1st Thursday and then met with Kathy Quigley-one on one at The Artspace Studio. My excuse has been "too busy" or "unavailable". So as I looked at blue sky today- I just finally make the Big Commitment-I just signed up for a one day Process Painting Workshop on March 15th. I also worked out a deal for ALL of YOU! Kathy says, "New to artspace? Sign up with a friend and you both get 20% off of cost of class series begun this month. Ongoing student? Bring in someone new to the studio and you both get 20% off as well." Weekend workshop in March is scheduled as a one day workshop on Sunday, March 15th. 10-5. Cost: $85.00 without the discount, or $68.00 with the discount. Call or email Kathy- Check out the ongoing class series too. www.processpaint-artspace.com Kathy/artspace, 503-236-5313 kathy@processpaint-artspace.com I am thinking we must go out after for drinks right or Sunday Supper?

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