Life is a Party-

Growing up Auntie Mame taught me me to live, live live say is often remembered for the line, "Life' s a Banquet" and weekly now Leigh Feldman reminds me. " LifeIsAParty !"
Here is a portion of Leigh's Weekend What to do: sorry I cut this out as what I think you need to know- The Email: Intro - cut 1. cut
2. Drink specials. The Townbombing party at Tube on Friday night is
giving you .50 cents off your drinks if you bring your own re-usable
mug. Can’t beat that. Plus it’s a dope free dance party.
3. Breakdancing. The b-boys and b-girls will be in full effect at the
So Fresh So Clean party on Saturday night at PSU. It’s a benefit event
for the Oregon Food Bank and it starts early, which means you’ll have
plenty of time to hit up any birthday shindigs or free parties you
have planned for the late night.
4. Cut- (you should know about PDXPipeling) 5. This live Stevie Wonder performance that you can download for free. If this recording isn’t for you, you are not for me …
"Life is a party; everyone is just waiting to be invited."
Friday- Townbombing @ Tube (straight up dance party, plus .50 cents off drinks
if you bring your own re-usable mug)
Mega*Church, Alan Singley, Ryan Dolliver @ Olympic Mills (indie rock heaven)
Diamond Liars CD Release Party w/ Boy Eats Drum Machine & DJ Rad @
Rotture (electro dance rock)
Rock Box @ Holocene (hip hop, electro, dance)
Fuckbadmusic Anniversary Party @ Branx (8 dj’s, tons electro music)
Clowns Without Borders Benefit Event @ Da Vinci School (Clowns. Either
you love them or are scared of them)
White Fang @ The Wail (indie party rock)
Robopony @ Crown Room (dj dance party)
Exotic Magazine Ink N Pink Party @ Palas (tattooed strippers … that’s
pretty much what it is)
Corn Dog Eating Contest @ Florida Room (it’s national corn dog day apparently)
Grenade Clothing Warehouse Sale @ 8120 SE Stark (tons of discount clothes)
French Quarter @ Artistery (indie rock)
Spring Kickoff Party @ 720 Club (club music top40 party)
Portland Women’s Film Festival @ Hollywood Theater (film!)
Blue Horns @ Someday Lounge (indie folk)
R9 @ Groove Suite (two of the best minimal dj’s in the world)
DJ Izm @ East (hip hop)
Fantastic Friday’s @ Mansion (local hip hop show with New Era and Cavemans)
Aries Celebration @ 2410 (electro and dubstep)
Melao de Cuba @ Mississippi Pizza (Cuban jazz)
Kidical Mass @ Sunnyside School (big ass bike ride)
So Fresh So Clean @ PSU Smith Ballroom (80’s themed hip hop event …
this will be dope)
Rumble at the Roseland @ Roseland (cage fights!)
Rusko, SPL, Ryan Organ @ Berbati’s (champions of dubstep … I put my
money on SPL to steal the show … if he wants to do so)
24/7 Concerts @ W+K (24 concerts in 24 hours)
Grenade Clothing Warehouse Sale @ 8120 SE Stark (tons of discount clothes)
Phil Weeks & DJ Matt E Starr @ Groove Suite (house music at it’s best)
Farmers Market @ PSU Park Blocks (come see where the Pine biscuits all began)
7th Seal @ Jolly Roger (reggae at a dive bar)
Cana Son @ Someday Lounge (Cuban dance music)
Deelay Ceelay @ the Know (interesting indie band)
Def Poets plus many guests @ Satyircon (local hip hop showcase)
Solovox and Global Ruckus @ Crown Room (world electro)
Miz Kitty’s Parlour w/ Trashcan Joe @ Mission Theater (vaudeville style show)
Gypsy Jazz West @ O’Connor’s (gypsy jazz)
Soul of New Orleans @ Schnitzer Center (New Orleans Jazz)
Firkin Fest Beer Party @ Green Dragon (beer!)
Wine Tasting @ Bar Avignon (wine!)
The Hugs @ Kelly’s Olympian (indie pop)
Chevrona @ Mississippi Studios (Balkan brass fun)
Hot Buttered Rum After Party w/ Fruition @ 720 Club (bluegrass)
Sick @ Branx (a truly alternative party)
Balkan & Beyond @ It’s A Beautiful Pizza (Balkan brass jams)
Northeast Portland Art Show @ 6025 NE Thompson (art art art!)
White Light Dance Party @ Valentine’s (disco dancing)
Electric Feel @ Fez Ballroom (electro dance party!)
Sweet Africa w/ DJ Dullah @ Dunes (non-traditional electro fusion African music)
Portland Women’s Film Festival @ Hollywood Theater (film!)
Universe of Keith Herring & Conversation with Basquiat @ NW Film
Center (two films about two amazing artists)
24/7 Concerts @ W+K (24 concerts in 24 hours)
World Water Day Party @ World Trade Center (bands, dj’s, movies, fun)
Tallest Man On Earth @ Rontoms (go to the early show)
Sinferno Cabaret @ Dante’s (fire dancing and go-go girls)
The Homosexuals @ East End (punk rock)
Ben Darwish Jazz Jam @ Someday Lounge (jazz)
Alfredo Muro and his Latin Jazz Ensemble @ Old Church (latin jazz)
Grenade Clothing Warehouse Sale @ 8120 SE Stark (tons of discount clothes)
Free Entrance to Classical Chinese Gardens @ Classical Chinese Gardens
TOMS Shoes Trunk Sale @ Lizard Lounge (discounts!)
You are part of this group because you are a creator, musician, dj, promoter, booker, performer, designer, artist, party goer, dancer, writer, organizer, attender, thinker, event planner, stylist, model, fashionista, picture taker, finger painter, chef, eater, drinker, walker, talker, bike rider, driver, runner or anything that makes you part of the active community that is Portland, OR.
Tell your friends about this list and have them email to join.
Life is A Party, Everyone is Just Waiting To Be Invited
-~----------~----~----~----~------~----~------~--~---Thanks Leight

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  1. Speaking of parties, Brian, I'll be on the lookout for you at 24/7 this weekend.


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