tEEth Performs in NYC

Photo by Aaron Busch. Congratulations to Angelle and Phillip for their hard work, creative ideas, and constant passion to create new art. If you haven't heard already Grub, the newest work by tEEth opens March 19th in NYC at The Joyce Theatre. (Buzz-So all the the dancers are from Portland but I hear one person asked for one way ticket...) tEEth will also be going on the road to The Fuse Box Festival in Texas soon! tEEth has been getting some other other News:
The Seattle Times ((View full article)) » http://rubberteeth.com/pdf/grub_seattle_times.jpg
"... The choreography is finely and brutally executed, with rugged partnering and tight choral movement energetically performed by six fearless dancers..."

The Seattlest ((View full article)) » http://rubberteeth.com/pdf/grub_seattlest.jpg
"... tEEth have created a polyvalent work, which is constantly referencing and interrogating its own themes and ideas. It's dynamic and creative and funny and definitely worth seeing."

The Stranger, Seattle ((View full article)) » http://rubberteeth.com/pdf/Grub_seattle_stranger.jpg
"tEEth isn't a dance company-it's a dream machine."

Seattle Magazine ((View full article)) » http://rubberteeth.com/pdf/grub_seattle_magazine.jpg
"The company brought both wit and terror to the stage... and a gorgeous sound track."

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  1. tEEth is amazing! I saw their preview of Grub in PDX and it was fantastic! Definitely worth supporting at any chance possible.


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