Wearable Art Awards

Junk to Funk friends, Portland Fashion Week freaks, Project Runway wannabees and PDX Fashionistas:
Have you heard of this call for entry into this performance and exhibition challenge from The Port Moody Arts Centre Society?
This photo is blurry photo of Roja Asiani's winning creation from 2006 called, "Untitled Willow". The materials used are Weeping Willow branches and they are cleverly/carefully woven! Alas, we are in 2009 and we got lots more material to work with. But the deadline is really close- hours away.
Congrats to Port Moody for being named North America Wearable Arts Capital through 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.
We are thinking about calling little Jenny Humphrey and having her make us a design asap. We think we can get something thrown together too! xoxo, Brian and Blair

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