White Bird Uncaged

What are you looking at? anoukvandijk dc ! I chirped with Barney today, the White Bird belonging to Paul and Walter of White Bird Dance today... and learned so much- you got this email reminding you to check out STAU at Oaks Park March 12-20th right?
White Birds next season is still in the pipeline... stay tuned to their site (or my blog). But you might be interested in some of the details about anoukvandijk. WhiteBird Dance is holding the shows at the dance pavilion at Oaks Park in the middle of the amusement park down by the Willamette River. Since there is no real lobby inside, they’re taking over an arcade tent outside the pavilion, with a bunch of cool video game machines, which will all be free so that people can play them before the performance. The dance company doesn’t want anyone inside the venue until 10 minutes before the show, so this is a great way for people to get the complete amusement park experience while they are waiting.
*Then, during the performance – they are actually going to have spies in the audience called “infiltrators”, who look and act like audience members, but then start taking part in the performance spontaneously once the seats have been removed. It’s going to be pretty out there –the company is very strict about what it wants – no shoes for anyone in the performance space, must wear socks, it’s definitely going to be a very different experience from most White Bird shows. Buy your tickets today! (They need lots of volunteers, so if you’re interested in helping out either an infiltrator or just a normal usher let them know!)


  1. brian im really sensitive to cold. is this an outdoor venue or with walls and heat? thanks for the details. it looks fascinating.

  2. White Bird is offering Mercury readers $16 tickets to their five remaining shows, Dutch dance troupe anoukvandijk's performance of STAU. (Here's where I remind you of something I relearn at TBA every year: Just because you can't pronounce it, doesn't mean it isn't good. You plebe.) It was in the paper, but I figure lots of you maybe don't, um, read print. They're offering a $10 discount, and the show—which promises intimacy! and nudity! and which will probably in all seriousness be very impressive, as White Bird shows usually are—goes down at the Oaks Park Dance pavilion, Wed-Fri (with two shows a night on Thursday and Friday).
    Go to whitebird.org/uncagedtickets. Enter the discount code "Mercury" (hey, that's us!) when buying tickets. Enjoy fancy dance.


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