Hand2Mouth’s newest performance explores love, family, and looking alike

Photo from H2M - I am not talking about Couples that look like Siblings. I am wondering about Everyone Who Looks Like You- the upcoming show by Hand2Mouth Theatre -I thought it was going to be called Things We Talk About. If you have seen a H2M show you know the actors and the creators like many family and make the best of whatever they are given and make it work. I think some of them already kinda do look alike. May 14-24 you can see Hand2Mouth come together again at MilePost 5 and put on another great show. This piece is inspired from their own lives and will be very "For Real". H2M states, "Using their own lives and families as source materials, the company members re-create, imitate and initiate the complexities of family life – of living and breathing with those who know you best and least. As this house of five moves through furious dances, ear-piercing fights, unlikely reconciliations and meditative storytelling, a picture of universal family life emerges from the raw and personal. This springtime performance is a prelude to the full fall premiere. “The idea of performing a story about your family is as old as storytelling itself. But this new performance pushes our company into new, difficult terrain. We set an impossible task on ourselves; to convey the love, confusion and feeling of belonging in each performer’s own family relations. From this mash-up of multiple family sagas we hope to create a family setting surprisingly familiar to the audiences own experiences. We’ll do this via a dense blend of performance styles so as not to allow our story to slip into easy clichés or let audiences ever think I've seen this story before,’” says Jonathan Walters, Hand2Mouth’s Artistic Director. Everyone Who Looks Like You. May 14 –24, Thursday – Sundays, 8 p.m. Milepost 5, 900 NE 81st Avenue, Portland, Oregon $15 general admission, $10 on Thursdays. $25 for May 15 Opening Party. Tickets: mail@hand2mouththeatre.org, 503-235-5284

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  1. "This springtime performance is a prelude to the full fall premiere."

    Does that imply TBA:09?


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