Lucas Schwartz this Wednesday

Lucas Schwartz is doing a lecture this week though I hear it might be more of a performance. I will definitely be checking out.

ANKA Gallery presents a lecture by Lucas Schwartz
April 29, 2009 at 6:30PM

A quote from Lucas and part of his bio on the Resonance Project website: "Since I was a child I have been in ceaseless pursuit of an acceptable philosophy of everything - and I have discovered this endeavor to be exceptionally involved. What exactly is it we as a whole are doing here? This question has been the candle guiding me through the incredible wealth of information we are so fortunate to have surrounding us in this age. The pursuit of this information has led me to clues from wildly varying sources. Physics, astronomy, archaeoastronomy, ancient mythology, world religions, geology, space exploration, fact, this information is everywhere. It would sometimes seem as if it is actually easier to find these clues than to find anything else! The difficult part is not in seeing the pieces. The difficulty lies in putting the pieces together into an image that matches our observation."

Anka Gallery, 325 NW 6th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97209 more details: or contact (503) 224-5721, Suggested Donation of $20

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