Nicole is helping NYC

This might look like one of the cast members of Gossip Girl thinking about what to order at Butter but it is my friend Nicole. She is currently living and working in NYC and when I visit I force her do things like seeing Xanadu or talking about Portland non stop. Nicole needs our help to keep New York pretty, she will do the dirty work-If you can spare a few dollars. Saturday, April 25 she will be rolling up her sleeves to give New York City a spring cleaning. Specifically, she'll be planting trees in the Bronx, to help "Million Trees NYC." New York Cares creates volunteer projects that meet pressing needs of the city. Volunteers read to kids, help adults re-enter the workforce, prepare meals for the homeless, visit lonely nursing home residents, and more. You know you love Nicole xoxo Click to visit her personal site & efforts to support New York Cares, Inc.

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