White Bird Line up

I missed Dance Brazil but just heard the good news- White Bird's Line up!
Special Events (both at the Newmark):
October 1-3: Ana Laguna & Mikhail Baryshnikov
(performing duets and solos)
April 8-10: U-Theatre (Buddhist drumming & Martial arts from Taiwan)

White Bird Dance Series:
October 7: Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
October 21: Hofesh Shechter
November 11: Shen Wei Dance Arts
(Shen Wei choreographed part of the opening ceremony at the Beijing
February 23: Lyon Opera Ballet
April 7: Complexions Contemporary Ballet
May 5: Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet

White Bird Uncaged:
December 2-6: Daniel Leveille Danse
January 20-24 Tere Mathern & Minh Tran
(both local choreographers)
February 3-7: Bruno Beltrao/Grupo de Rua
(Brazilian hip-hop from Rio de Janeiro)
March 4-6: Random Dance

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