Some Travel Tips

Leaving the country Travel Tips

Trust your gut and go where you really want. Dream Big.

Do your research.-ask friends, buy the guidebook (or get a few from the library!) & choose your own adventure.
Be safe but be daring. (People want to hear stories when you get back).
Check info& restrictions- like visa and I'd info-(I had no idea I had to get a visa for Brazil until after my ticket was booked) If you can learn the language or history of the place you will enjoy it more.
I am not sure about get a separate credit card or account for travel – but it has been suggested to me a lot!
Stay as long as you can - travel as much as the land as you can!
Talk to other visitors but make friendly with the locals too! Hire a guide if you can for at least a day. See local culture and food.

Take pictures, notes, and send me a postcard! Xoxo @TheBuzzbyBrian

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