PDX Stock gives 2nd chances ?

Stock is a monthly public dinner event and presentation series based in Portland, Oregon which funds small to medium-sized artist projects.
Next Portland Stock Dinner: Sunday March 14, 2010

6-8 pm PNCA Commons, 1241 NW Johnson St.
Dinner and Voting Rights = $10

Presentation by January's winner, Forrest Martin of Death Magazine
Vote on Proposals by artists including: Vanessa Renwick, Comrade Clover, Sarah Mirk with Dill Pickle Club, Ashley Neese, &
Emily Lieb with LARKE.

*so the Buzz is last month Vanessa Renwick had a proposal .... and she is back this month.

We must find out more in person...or follow them @twitter.com/stockpdx

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  1. Vanessa Won - http://portlandstock.blogspot.com/2010/03/stock-surges-again.html
    But so did DeathMag the 2nd time 1


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