Alan will be at The Cave - Will you?

Alan Jones Sextet. My music friends are buzzing about it. And I have more than one friend that thinks he is super "Dreamy" and even my cab drive had to empty his droolcup when he was done talking about him. (But he has a girlfriend I hear-and she is very nice) Anyway.....check him out and buy his CD for me! He is debuting this Saturday at The Cave (on Broadway, below the Green Onion/PSU campus, just before 405 south). K.N. says, "If you've never experienced the Sextet - what a plethora, a cornicopia of sounds..these musicians are masters - from intense to playful - you can hear their years of cultivated skill, combined with their ability to spontaneous and feed off each other. Where else can you go - hear 6 talented musicians perform in such an intimate enivornment (at such a ridiculously low price?!). Word is they will be performing at The Cave 2/month - but don't miss the re-entry of an ensemble once known for being "unsafe". p.s. a knowledge of jazz is not a pre-requisite. Your appreciation for good music + passion + synergy is all that is required. "

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