Those Wine Storytellers, Latenight

Beth sent me this and I was so confused. When I opened it on my iphone I was drinking some Crazy Cuvee Pinot Poir a wine pirate friend gave me. The email:

"Last night I received a rather rude awakening. It was 11:50PM and there was a voice on the other end of the phone. “Is this Michael?” At that time of night on a Sunday I wasn’t quite sure how to answer that. Eventually I was able to confirm that yes, it was indeed me on the phone. The voice was rough like sandpaper. It was coming from a throat that had seen a few shots of whiskey and a continuous stream of blue smoke. “Remember that time I posted bail for you in Aurora?” OK, that got my attention. But I couldn’t remember if it had been Colorado or Illinois. It’s easy to get in trouble anywhere a place is called Aurora. Then it all came rushing back to me. “Charles?” I asked. “That’s right, Mr. Smith to you. And I need to call in my chit.” I knew this moment would come. A night in Chicago that started harmlessly enough with straight bourbon and Motorhead on the jukebox at the Twisted Spoke eventually ended up with a doughnut fight in Aurora. A doughnut fight where a few well placed crullers actually managed to draw blood from the forehead of a well-meaning security guard. But that’s another newsletter. I asked Charles what he wanted. Which leads me to this particular newsletter offering."
This was sent by Storyteller Wine is great. They have some nice event and tastings, often. Sign up for their newsletter and offer to give me a ride there sometime!

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