I am Endorsing the Rally Holly

It's never too late to endorse a good rally. This one today I am traveling to is to support Stand for Children! Serena's cousin Rebecca explains, "Our goal is to show the Legislature that Oregonians stand with them and behind them as they make the tough choices demanded by the current economic crisis, but we also want to make a statement about how important education is for Oregon's kids and call for them to prioritize and protect our schools. Specifically: Invest what we have wisely, funding programs that produce the best results. Make prudent use of reserves and the federal stimulus that comes to Oregon. Responsibly raise revenue, and change the way the state forecasts revenue to end the boom-and-bust budget cycle. Pass this on to anyone who might have the day off and wants to feel the energy of a major rally for change. " Look for me at the State Capitol. Quick sign up for a bus!

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