3D Glasses Please

I have a new neighbor and he is looking for a pair of 3D Glasses! I was like, "I am sure I have a pair somewhere or a friend might have an extra pair". What does he needs these for I wonder.. I have been given 3-D Glasses in some random places through the years and I guess I never save them. Let me know if you can spare a pair for Paul.


  1. Hi Brian, I have a guess... maybe they were going to see the movie Coraline? It's in 3D, but maybe not all theaters are showing it in 3D?

    Or maybe Paul just likes the way things look in 3D... I do.

    Sadly, I have no 3D glasses lying around.

  2. Brett n I have a pair (red /blue with cardboard frames)
    Who how to get them where?


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