Kathy Griffin said Hi and

Kathy talked the usual smack on our favorite celebrities from Oprah to Cher(Bettie White was at the end, but in the middle). Sorry I arrived a little late Jeff, John and William. (J, J & W- are all D-List fanatics so I felt a little slow and soft with my laughter) The line outside was huge but The Schnitz was looking like Webster Hall! Just before the show began The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence escorted people in the nose bleed seats into the mid mezzanine to better enjoy the show(oh those nuns-so nice). Everyone really seemed to enjoy the show. I was shocked to find out it was being recorded and will be aired by Bravo. She did leave the audience standing and begging for more. Ouch- but- Kathy nice job, but "I am still not taking your call". I do promise to catch up on your shows so I can understand your mom stories. xoxo, BuzzByBrian

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