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I have to admit it is not easy to keep up with all these iphone apps. It is one of the reasons though I have an iphone. I was just talking with a friend who is getting an iphone today and wanted to know what are my favorite applications. I told him I hear what are the best and coolest stuff from my blog buddies and friends. So let me know or take a screen shot and send it my way to share! Geeking out with my iphone, Brian


  1. App must-haves -
    1 - Shazam ("listens" to a song, and can tell you what it is, who performs it, and can have it ready to purchase next time you sync with i-tunes)
    2 - Yelp (tells you what restaurants/bars/coffee shops/banks/gas stations/drugstores/etc. are near your current location, with great reviews)
    3 - google
    4 - google earth
    5 - facebook
    6 - my space
    7 - translator - (translates from your chosen source language to your chose target language)
    8 - livejournal
    9 - loopt (like having a lojack on your friends with an iphone, tells you where they are or you can send to them where you are)
    10 - ebay

    Those are my favorites, and they're all free! Oh, and all the games, but I didn't want you to think I only play games!

    Mary Anna

  2. LOLDogs! Nothing better to brighten up a dreary day!

  3. Additional free apps... Bank of America (if you have an account), Pandora,, Urbanspoon, WhiteNoise, Beer Pong Challenge, Arcade Bowling Lite (skee-ball), Sol Free Solitare, Deal or No Deal Lite, Touch Hockey FS5 FREE, Now Playing, AIM, Remote, Kindel for iPhone, Who Wants To Be A Millionare Lite, Super Monkey Ball, BOLT Rhino Ball, iSay Free, YPmobile, Duck Shoot


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