Kid Concert at The Monkey and The Rat

I just got this email from Christopher Yarrow and wanted you to tell those kids you are always talking about-Children's Concert: Jo Alexis Bronstein and Arlie Conner's "The Animal Tea Party!"
Special Guest Appearances by Steve Seskin and Peter Yarrow
Saturday March 14th, 5-6pm @ The Monkey & The Rat, 131 NW Second Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97209. All Ages Cover charge: $5.00 per person/$10.00 per family - refreshments served. (Juice and Cookies) to celebrate their new CD release check out!

*20% of sales and door proceeds will benefit the Youth Program through IHI, Innovative Housing Inc.! (Do your kids know who Steve Seskin and Peter Yarrow are? I better not say that Brian Wilson might stop by- that will just confuse people.)

*BREAKING NEWS...TWO SETS OF MUSIC. First set at 4:45 and second set at 5:45. If you want to plan to come to the later set....that's great! -The Monkey & The Rat
Thank you The Monkey & The Rat.

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  1. When I was a kid, Peter Yarrow used to play in the park a few times each summer. I have fond memories of singing Puff the Magic Dragon in the sun in town park with Peter, and then years later watching my red headed little sister do the same.


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