Olympic Mills Gallery Summer Exhibit Call for Artists!
Labor movements and laborers are a source of inspiration for artists and have been portrayed in visual arts, literature, and music for centuries. The arts document, support, and share a common history with labor movements and labor issues. Government programs, such as the Works Progress Administration of the New Deal in the 1930s
put artists to work in unprecedented numbers, resulting in artistic achievements that enhance our lives to this day. If history is an indicator of the future, then we are currently experiencing the same fertile ground for artistic expression, collaboration, and expansion as witnessed during the 1930s. How are the arts again uniting, inspiring, and moving us forward?
How is your art reflecting the current climate of job loss, tough times, social change, and potential for reinvention? Works that address issues of labor, making ends meet, effects on family and society, and the arts as a tool for cultural expansion, will be represented in this timely exhibit.

Note: A dual theme for this exhibit is the ‘work of the artist’. Works that shed light on the creative process are encouraged. Media to be exhibited: painting, drawing, sculpture, glass, photography, and video. For an application and complete prospectus, please contact: Lora R Fisher, Application deadline: 7/3/09

Olympic Mills Gallery information:
July 13 – August 30, 2009
Opening reception, Friday, July 17, 6 - 10:00 pm
Olympic Mills Gallery Commerce Center, 107 SE Washington Street, Portland, Oregon

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