Old Town's First Cardboard Boat Float

I just got this mystery email !

"Some of you know already, and some of you will know shortly...

This summer, (last Saturday in August), there is something new to do in Portland!
Old Town's (1st Annual) Cardboard Boat Float!!!

The website is up and has all the info... Check it out, and tell your friends!! http://FloatOrDie.org

Float Or Die!!! (It IS the Willamette after all)... [chuckle] "

I Really like the Prize Categories: Fastest Boat, Most Artistic Boat, Most People on a Boat , Most nudity , Most Spectacular Sinking, Judges Race!
Who wants to join my team? Anyone have a real PFD (life jacket) I can borrow or have?

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  1. I think sounds pretty cool. I am seriously condsidering doing it.


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